We are here to protect our people
video installation
HD video, color
3:11, looped
retroprojection on fabric, oil painted directly on to studio walls

The images that compose the video we are here to protect our people have been captured, or rather, stolen by Maureen at the Tomb of Abraham, Hebron, during her stay in 2016 in occupied Palestine. The work takes its title from the words of the young Israeli soldier, the main subject of the video.

These images are presented unedited for the first time, given that, while they were selected for Muse’s 2017 university exhibition, the condition was imposed that the video had to exclude the soldier’s face in that her face was unaware that it was being filmed. The video is presented as an installation projected onto fabric while the words of the soldier are painted on the walls of the exhibition space, an approach to both the visual and ideological construction of identity and image.


PROYECTOR Audiovisual Art Festival, Madrid, Spain, 2022