exhibition documentation by Munir Toral

Hi8 video transferred to digital, color
1:00:30 mins looped
two tv monitors

is an audiovisual piece created by Lucas Martín Sáenz, Hugo Matula, Maureen Muse and Munir Toral. The work was formed through experimental structures of creation under the direction of Maureen Muse.The script was written and presented by Toral, which was then filmed and styled by Matula, both artists living in Mexico City.

The footage was then sent to Muse in Madrid who saw the video and subsequently created an edit and installation. Finally, the sound piece was developed with Martin also living in Madrid. The structure takes, reevaluates and rejects traditional elements and notions of film production.The collaboration was based on intuition and interpretation, as the work grew out of a distinct process between the artists that allowed for an original image.Following a process-based method allowed the work to happen in the present versus pre-mediated materials. This intention then follows in line with the experience of viewing or “projection” of the story of Sisifus, which comes comes to life in the space.


CROMA, Mexico City, México 2022

Marcablanca Press, Madrid, Spain, 2022