Plaza Nelson Mandela
16mm, loop, rotating base
La Papeleria, Madrid, Spain

selected for Proyector audiovisual art festival Madrid, 2022

curated by Andrea Fontana

Maureen proposes to create a visual experience where the rotating movement of the image is reproduced both during the filming and the installation.

The work is conceived as a cinematographic exploration developed through a constant evolution: starting from specific moments recorded during the first chapter, the next four are developed under the direction of the artist who takes two main paths: on the one hand, artists are invited to interact with the movement of the camera; on the other hand, chance plays a role in the selection of the characters that cross the image.

All the chapters are recorded in public spaces in Madrid, and the piece takes its name from its place of inception, Plaza Nelson Mandela in Lavapiés. Taking as a starting point the memory of each previous chapter, Plaza Nelson Mandela is  articulated in an organic and subjective way. The first iteration of Plaza Nelson Mandela is presented during Projector’s OFF 2023 as it is conceived to be a work in constant evolution.  

photos by Ruben Ojeda Guzman


Plaza Nelson Mandela
solo exhibition
Studio Ramon Lujan 27, Madrid, Spain