24 hour performance by Gata
directed by Maureen Muse, exhibition space
Paris, France
June 3-4, 2023

GRIEF is a 24-hour performance written and performed by Gata, under the direction of Maureen Muse. The script for the performance follows a narrative in which an individual prepares to begin a new life.  The text was then divided into 24 parts, each representing a thematic scene which corresponded to an hour.

Each scene from the script is enriched by several layers of text, drawing on stories from the character’s past, present and future. The language and narratives interwoven in each scene guide the performance that involved various collaborations with artists, sculptures, interventions, sound pieces, audiovisual installations and props.

GRIEF reorganizes image-making processes, in particular cinematic structures and temporal boundaries. The 24 hour performance proposed an alternative to the time restraints of exhibitions and expected filmmaking processes.

Paulo (Gata) is an artist-author who stages and narrates his performances. He is a cross-disciplinary practitioner of web graphics, digital illustration and scriptwriting.

GRIEF included performances and artistic collaboration with Alice Brygo, Dahlia Kousam, Julien Ticot, Linience, Morgane Baffier, Shanthi, Skincity, Talita Otovic, Tommy Moisi, Zilabäêtl